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Healing Therapy with The Herd - One to One sessions

…“an awakening to the wisdom of the horse, a pure, resonant healing from equine to human”…

Heal yourself in the company of an exceptional herd of domesticated horses and ponies.

Let go and be bathed in the natural beauty of their souls and environment they share.

Learn to speak their soulful magic and reunite with yourself.
Healing Therapy with The Herd is a way back to finding yourself.

Our equine friends are used for many things in our material world; sport horses, work horses and leisure horses are to name but a few. Here at The Haven our horses are at the heart of major life changes and shifts for people who are searching for something more in their lives.

The deep seated need in us to search for our truth, an understanding or meaning to our life can go unnoticed for many decades, until something within pushes us to begin that search and fulfil the experience of life.

In the presence of the equine healer, we experience a sense of calm and understanding. In a silent cacophony we hear the door open to our soul.

How does it work?

Silently our body language transmits information on a frequency horses are attuned to.  Our bodies unconsciously emit how we are truly feeling inside.  We are relaying to the horse our innermost feelings as instantaneously as we are experiencing an emotion or hiding a fear.  As this is happening our blood pressure rises and muscle tension increases, which is all picked up on the frequency horses communicate upon.

Research has shown that when we are in the company of a horse in a safe environment without any goals, the limbic system of horse and human brains begin to resonate on the same frequency.  In this connected state healing occurs, deep rooted painful emotions and patterns which have been buried can be accessed and released and the neural pathways reconfigured and old patterns of behaviour erased. Recent research has found that neural pathways are amazingly more regenerative than previously thought.

Why does the horse read us so well?

Horses have survived and evolved over millions of years due to the accuracy they possess for reading true emotions of their own and other species, and knowing the intention that lies behind it.  It is key to their survival!  So if we are incongruent emotionally, for example, if we hide one emotion and try to exhibit another, the horse knows!  During a healing experience, the horse will work with you to bring you into a congruent state, a balance that brings harmony within.

The horse does not judge emotion as good or bad, emotion is just information.  Healing Therapy with The Herd helps us to read this information and process it so you can live a more peaceful and congruent life.  We can learn from these loving creatures around us that life is worth living in the present moment.

What happens during your Healing Therapy experience?

You are met and introduced to the herd and you may feel a draw to one or more of them. Helen, our animal communicator is by your side and will assist your connection and help you understand how the horses are working with you.  Once comfortable and in silence, you will connect to this pure resonant healing power. Rather an outward sensory experience, it is a connected state where you observe your mirror, the horse.  This is where the healing begins…

Helen converses with the horse or herd and allows them to guide the session. She reads their physical actions and interprets what they are mirroring to the person. 

Sometimes the herd will shield the person if they need comfort and protection. The horses' wisdom comes through on all levels of communication; mental, physical and spiritual. Each person is unique and the horses will adjust their approach accordingly.

You can book 1 or 2 hour sessions. Longer sessions available upon request.

​Therapeutic hands on Reiki Healing

​These 1 hour session are held outdoors in a beautiful setting surrounded by the sounds of nature and the healing energy of the horses.  Reiki healing promotes relaxation and encourages the body mind and spirit into self healing mode.

​Silent Meditative Experience

​We create space for you to meditate in nature surrounded by horses and other animals. The draw of their enigmatic energy leads you into a stillness within.  These sessions may be guided through initial visualisation or supported by simple guided techniques.

​The ultimate goal is to find a place of harmony within and to find a guiding light that will lead you towards a more intuitively guided future.   1 hour meditations

​(Also group meditations - look out for dates in our Events/Workshops section)

​Being planned..... full and half day retreats

​These days will be provided to enable you to fully relax and let go into the idyllic surroundings.  Connecting with yourself through nature and animals on a deeper level.  Finding space to access that part of you which is usually unheard.  A time to listen... to feel the earth beneath you and the heaven above. 

Our full days will combine:

  • ​a relaxing restorative therapeutic treatment
  • one to one or group healing with the herd
  • meditations
  • organic lunch
  • relaxation area
  • fresh organic smoothies/juices

Half days will combine:

  • one to one healing with the herd
  • a relaxing restorative therapeutic treatment
  • organic refreshments