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The publishing of both books has been a unique experience. Creative Locations like to work closely with each author to ensure the integrity of their work is upheld. We have been a part of every stage of the progression of the books and worked with each member of the team as they have lovingly and carefully been birthed!

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About the artwork

In Belief Emma captures in the eyes of each individual piece of commissioned art work, the heart and soul, the feelings and the characteristics of each personality she draws and paints.

Her work in Beyond Belief reflects the dynamics of the changing world in which we find ourselves which is brought to life through art and poetry.

about belief

Belief was written from the heart, it was born from a journey into the unknown. It came as much as a surprise to me as it did to those around me.

I became embedded in a world of pure, crystal reality. A reality so clear that the masquerades of life became instantly apparent. I entered a  world where love pervades all. Love, the most powerful emotion, the emotion of transformation.

The horses transfigured my heart into its true glory. The stillness found in the sanctuary of these warm hearted creatures allowed my love to shine. I could hear the call of creation, it became stronger and stronger; willingly I chose to release the need to conform to the regular outlook we see in day to day life.

The miracle came through deep suffering and a complete surrender and acceptance to it, from there the connection to what I feel is God, was made, complete unity with peace, love and freedom. Only then, was I ready to channel my experience into an expression, written to hopefully inspire others to take the chance and seek out their souls desires.   

       With Love, Helen x

Copyright Helen Brennand. All Rights Reserved.

‚ÄčThe haven                   belief


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An astonishing insight into our future world. Helen sees the vision of an awakening society and a powerful transformation of humanity as the masses begin to seek truth and love. Each individual reclaims their rightful place, as Divine influence saturates the human form, igniting a monumental freedom movement throughout the whole of society. Connecting back to our beautiful Mother Earth we witness a poignant period of evolution for mankind, as forgiveness sweeps the land and the world embraces the second coming of Christ.