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Animal Communication

'Give our animals the voice to be heard'

Our animals are here guiding us towards the immortal life, if we choose to look a little closer, they are our reflection. They can offer so much wisdom and guidance in our complicated lives.

Listen to the depths of wisdom saturated in the Animal Kingdom. Hear them breathe the words of our future and act upon the vast mind of intelligence they are forever connected to.

Never look any further than those animals closest to you. Tap into this seemingly deep mystery and develop your strengths and turnaround your weaknesses into shining examples of opportunity.

Here at The Haven we are guided by Animal Wisdom. We acknowledge and show reverence to all that the Animal Kingdom offers to us unconditionally. We show reverence to all those animals that suffer at the hands of humans and pray for those who have not yet witnessed themselves in the mirror of horror and disregard.

The following is a message from The Herd:

“We heal because of our nature to God.  We cleanse you because our soul nature is untarnished in our physical body and it is able to radiate through.
We arrive back on earth as horses to help you retrieve and revive your soul purpose and allow it to work through you in this grand shift of consciousness, helping fellow men and women surrender to their own individual truths.

“Love is at the centre of our world”