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Matthew's background is in the construction industry. He has had horses and ponies since he was a child. He is the thinker and creator of all our ventures. His perfectionism and practical outlook lead us prosperously into the future.


Emma is our in-house artist, she paints from the heart. Moments captured in her mind are recreated and brought to life on canvas. She designs and manages our website and social media sites.

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Helen is an author, instructor, equine bodyworker and animal communicator. She practises Yoga and Meditation and combines these practises with horse and human. Becoming an Equine Touch practitioner took her into another dimension of the horses world. She communicated on a deeper level and realised the true healing power of the horse. She constantly works towards improving the domesticated horses' managed environment, finding improved solutions to create stimulation and good health.

the doves

"The doves create space in our hearts to allow love to flow in and out"


"Cookie is the star of expansion he is sensitive and explosive"


"Revel is our comrade on the darkest road, she is love, light and compassion"


"Remedy is the centre of our world, she guides us through the optical illusion"


"Donner resides in the heart, she cascades love upon us"


"Billy is the driving force, the mechanism creating forward movement and creative thinking"

about us:

The Haven is a home for animals, it is a peaceful environment centred around our herd of horses who provide healing for people to help them find balance and harmony in their lives (see Healing with The Herd). We also offer a service of holistic rehabilitation for horses and ponies recovering from illness, injury or trauma.


We have a limited number of places to offer to horses and ponies that have been removed from abusive situations. We provide a safe haven and gentle holistic care. An experience is created to help them regain confidence and rebuild trust in the human-horse connection. Our main support for fostering is through community based fund raising.

MEet the team: